Feature Films

Nautilus TV Series – 2022

Specialty Dive Suit Helmets

Pieces of Her. 2021 TV Series

Makeup Designer – Wizzy Molineaux

Prosthetics Designer – Jason Baird

Spiderhead. 2021 Film

Makeup Designer – Nancy Vincent

Prosthetic Appliances

Black Site. 2021 Film

Makeup Designer – Jen Lamphee

Prosthetic Makeup Effects

Thirteen Lives. 2021

SPFX Supervisor – Brian Cox

Prosthetics/ SPFX

3 Articulated Bodies produced of the boys for stunt scenes with Divers

Elvis Bio Pic – Baz Luhrmann. 2019-2021  Feature Film

Prosthetics Designer – Mark Coulier

Prosthetic Supervisor – Jason Baird

Special Makeup Effects_Prosthetic- for Tom Hanks and Austin Butler

Specialty costuming Fat suits for Tom Hanks and Austin Butler

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.  2020

Prosthetics/Art Department

13 Articulated Silicone Bodies  produced for Fight aftermath Scene

Mortal Combat. 2019

Costume Designer – Cappi Ierland
Specialty Costuming for Sub Zero Head Wear – Cole’s Arcana Suit

Bloody Hell. 2019
Special Makeup Effects Designer / Supervisor

Danger Close. 2018
Special Makeup Effects and Prosthetic Replica Bodies.

Legend of Sun and Moon. 2017-2018
China/Australia Co-Production.
Special Makeup Effects and Creature Designer/ Supervisor

Aquaman. 2017
Special Makeup Effects appliances –

Make Up Designer – Lesley Vanderwalt
Special Make Up Effects Artist for Fractured Fx

Thor: Ragnarok. 2016
Special Makeup Effects  Designer

Specialty Alien Gladiator Costumes.

Kong: Skull Island. 2015 – 2016

Department Head – Bill Corso

Special Makeup Effects Supervisor for the Iwi natives.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. 2015
Special Makeup Effects / Ghost Sharks Creature Effects.

The Shallows. 2015
Special Makeup Effects / Creature Effects / Replica Bodies.

San Andreas. 2015
Supplying Silicone prosthetic makeup appliance pieces / Actor specific replica bodies. Specialty costume effects.

The Water Diviner. 2014
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor.

Wolf Creek 2. 2013
Prosthetic Bodies.

Singularity. 2010
Specialty Costume Props.

Beneath Hill 60. 2008
Special Makeup Effects / Prosthetic Bodies.

Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. 2008
Makeup FX Artist / Prosthetic Bodies.

The Ruins. 2007
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor.

The Condemned. 2006
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor.

Fish Tales. 2006
Mermaid Tails Effects Supervisor.

See No Evil. 2005
Special Makeup Effects Designer.

Aquamarine. 2005
Mermaid Tail Effects Designer / Supervisor.

House of Wax. 2004
Specialty Replica Silicone and Wax Bodies Supervisor.

Anacondas. 2003
On Set Creature Supervisor.

Peter Pan. 2003
Special Makeup Effects.

The Great Raid. 2003
Special Makeup Effects.

Ghost Ship. 2003
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor.

Scooby Doo. 2002
Key Special Makeup Effects.


The Outsider. 2002
Special Makeup Effects.

The Matrix: Reloaded & Revolution. 2001 – 2002
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor.

The Ring of Endless Light. 2001
Dolphin Creature Effects.

The Diamond of Juru. 2001
Special Makeup Effects.

South Pacific. 2001
Special Makeup Effects.

Star Wars Episode 2. Attack of the Clones. 2000
Live Action Creature Supervisor – Jason Baird

Code Red; The Rubicon Conspiracy. 1999
Special Makeup and Creature Effects Supervisor.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth. 1998
Special Makeup and Creature Effects Supervisor.

Komodo. 1998
Dog Puppet Creature Effects

Pitch Black. 1998
Special Makeup Effects and Replica Bodies.

The Matrix. 1997
Replica Bodies Mouldings.

The Thin Red Line. 1997
Silicone Replica Bodies.

The Real Macaw. 1997
Macaw Puppet Effects

20 000 Leagues Under the Sea. 1996
Creature Effects/ Giant Animatronic Octopus

Creature Supervisor- Jason Baird

Animatronics – Chris Chitty

The Island of Dr Moreau. 1995
Makeup Effects Artist / Stan Winston Studio.

Supervisor – Shane Mahan

Babe. 1993
Creature Sheep Effects. Robotechnology.

Escape for Absolom. 1992
Prosthetic Bodies / Makeup Effects Artist.

Street Fighter. 1992
Custom Props.

Fortress. 1991

Supervisor – Bob Clark
Special Makeup Effects – Jason Baird

JMB FX STUDIO’S -Emmy Award win at the 62nd Prime Time Awards for HBO’s The Pacific

In 2007 Jason Baird was engaged by Producer, Tony To, of The Pacific to assemble a team of artist to produce the Special Makeup Effects requirements for the 10 Part Series. The Build spanned from the 4 months of pre production and throughout the the 12 month shoot. At the peak of the build JMBFX Studio have 45 crew working 6 days a week to hit the delivery dates. The build was shared with KNB EFX out of LA.


Pieces of Her. 2021

Makeup Designer – Wizzy Molineaux

Prosthetic Makeup Effects for Toni Collet

Harrow Series 2. 2019
Special Makeup Effects – Prosthetic Bodies

Tidelands. 2018
‘Siren’ Special Makeup Effects.

Make Up Designer – Shane Thomas

The End. 2019

Make Up Designer – Shane Thomas

Mastectomy Prosthetics for – Dame Harriet Walter

Mako: Island of Secrets. Series 1-3. 2012 – 2014
Mermaid Tail Designer / Supervisor

H2O Just Add Water. Series 1,2,3. 2006 – 2009
Mermaid Tail Designer / Supervisor.

The Pacific. 2007 – 2008
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor.
Emmy Award Winner.

Hercules. 2004
Special Makeup Effects & Creatures Supervisor.

Sea Patrol. series 4. 2007
Prop Weapons.

Beastmaster. Series 1 – 2. 1999 – 2000
Special Makeup Effects & Creature Effects Supervisor.

The Lost World. Series 1 – 2. 1999 – 2000
Special Makeup Effects & Creature Effects Supervisor.

Roar. 1997
Special Makeup Effects